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Spreadsheet Mastery Course

Download the spreadsheets below

1 Target spreadsheet

1 Target spreadsheet

Modifiable spreadsheet

Now you know how to build a BADASS spreadsheet! What is next?

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Well, hopefully, this is exactly what was missing in your trading and now you are on your way to creating consistent profits. However, that may not be the case. For those of you who are still looking for that missing piece... Maybe you do not have a profitable strategy, or maybe you cannot stay discipline to a trading plan, or maybe you do not even have a trading plan... All of these can create major problems in a trading career.

Do You Feel Like Doing This?

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These problems cause trading frustration. Even worse, they can also play a big role in losing a massive amount of capital and never achieving your goal of becoming a full time trader.

So, what is the solution to these frustrating problems? For starters, you must understand that trading is a long game and not a get rich quick scheme. AVOID AT ALL COSTS, trading educators that promise you millions by next month and a lambo by tomorrow from your $100 trading account trading from your cell phone.


Next up - creating a profitable trading strategy and trading plan. This is a process that can take months or even years. (I know because I have already completed this process). You must test different methods and strategies and try to sort out the needle in the haystack that is a profitable strategy.


Bottom Line - Trading is not easy and will not make you a millionaire next week. But, it is a great way to make passive income or even a fulltime income that gives you the ability to work from anywhere in the world. It can eventually after years of hard work and effort in trading, build an extreme amount of wealth that can last generations. But, this can only come if you are willing to put forth the effort...


Are you willing to put in the effort? Do you want to achieve true freedom from the 9 to 5 grind that 95% of the world is stuck in and will never escape from?

If The Above Sounds Like YOU, then I need to work with you! You see, this year I want to make 1,000 traders dreams come true. I am going to create 1,000 profitable traders in the next 12 months. If all the above sounds like YOU, then you are a perfect candidate and I would love for you to be one of the 1,000 traders in the profitable trading club.


In order to help YOU, I will need to dedicate time, energy and effort into your trading plan and career. In order to make sure that no one is left out because of money, I have decided to extend to you a $200 scholarship offer. This means that if you decide to sign up for the EAP training program now, then I will pay $200 of your cost of joining. Click The Button Below To Take Advantage Of The Discount.

Still not sure if this training is right for you? I completely understand. Picking a trading education program can be very difficult and even scary at times... So, don't just take my word for it. Here are some reviews from traders just like you who decided to take the leap and join the EAP training program...

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