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 Hi, my name is Steven. I am a full-time professional Forex trader. I am 26 years old and I have been trading in some type of market since I was 18. I have created numerous profitable strategies and created my own specific way of defining and trading the market. I have been a profitable trader in the Forex market for the past 6 years and started this service to help other traders on their own path to profitable trading.
   Before Trading...
   Before trading, I had numerous construction jobs that sustained an "okay" lifestyle. I worked in a few different fields ranging from cabinet and woodwork to roofing houses. I was getting by, but I knew that there had to be a better way, so I started looking up ways to make money online. (I feel like this is the way many of us begin).
    First, I landed on the stock market. I was an 18-year-old construction worker, just out of High School and jumped into the stock market head first and with no floatation device... I watched a few hours of videos for free online and immediately thought I was an expert. The next day I opened a Scottrade account and deposited my life savings. Long story short, in 2 months, I lost 60% of my life savings.
   At this point, I assumed that I was doing something wrong. So, it was back to free online videos. I finally broke down and paid 297$ for a stock market trading course. I learned a few very simple techniques and strategies. But, most importantly this course taught me about mindset. It talked about discipline and the psychological battle that trading truly is. It also talked about testing strategies in historical data before making live trades.
   After understanding those two aspects, trading became very simple to me. It became a numbers game, and I was able to separate logic from emotion. This is vital for success in this industry.
  Fast forward, now I am 19 and have spent the last 8 months creating strategies based on historical data and creating a trading plan for my new stock market adventures. Although this trading plan was far from perfect and not up to the standards that I uphold today. It worked! For the first time ever, I made money over the course of a full month instead of losing it. Then it happened again.. and again.
   At this point, I was already interested in the Forex market. I would read articles on a daily basis that talked about the liquidity of the FX market and I really liked that it was a 24-hour market. So, I decided to try out my new found skill of discipline and strategy creation in the FX market. Over the next 3 months, I created an entire trading plan. I started to profit in the FX market and I liked it much more than the stock market for numerous reasons. So, I decided that the Forex market would be my main investment focus.
   After becoming profitable...
   Fast forward a couple of years and at this point, I have been a consistently profitable trader in the Forex market for a while. So, one of my friends wanted to start trading and he knew the career I was in. So, he came to me for advice and I told him I would help him. In just a few months, he was making a profit in the Forex market. One day he told me that I had a great ability to teach because he never thought he was smart enough to do something like this.
   That got me thinking, and I started reading through comments and other trading blogs and I realized that there is not much good information that can actually teach someone to become an independently profitable trader. There are plenty of empty promises of 1000% per month from a signal service, but no real decent information that could actually help someone.
   Long story short, this leads me to create The Trading Channel and start the EAP training program. I realized that I get a lot of joy from teaching others how to do something very valuable. 
   Present Day...
   So, now I am a full-time professional trader (for the past 5 years) and I am also the owner of The Trading Channel. We help new traders become profitable every month and that is what I truly enjoy. I hope you enjoyed this short summary of my trading journey and I hope that it inspires you in some way. If you are struggling in your trading, then I know how you feel. I have been there too and I was able to climb out of it and create a profitable trading career. So, I know that you can do it too. Talk to you soon. ​
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