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What is the Spreadsheet Mastery Course?

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If you have been trading in any market for a while, then you have probably heard of backtesting, right? This is the process of creating an edge over the market. This process consists of creating a strategy and creating an edge over any market by either winning more than you lose or by winning at a higher reward to risk ratio when you trade. Sounds simple right?
Well, this process can be extremely complicated if you do not have the necessary tools to record your backtesting data and figure out your edge. A spreadsheet with the correct formulas can make a traders life much easier and can make their path to becoming profitable much faster.
I would even go as far to say that I would not have become profitable yet without the help of spreadsheets. It would literally have taken me 5x the amount of time to get through my backtesting process. That is why having a spreadsheet that can make the correct calculations for you is so important.

50% Off for first  ̶1̶0̶0̶  3 spots left

Here is the Spreadsheet that is included in this course...

This is an amazing machine...

The Spreadsheet above is an amazing machine and a powerful tool for anyone who trades in the financial markets. It is capable of calculating everything that you need in order to find your edge/advantage over the market.
It also has an adjustable starting balance, so that no matter if you are starting with a $1000 dollar account or a $100,000 dollar account, this spreadsheet will calculate everything correctly based on your initial starting balance.
Even more POWERFUL than that, there is an adjustable risk percentage per position. This is an extremely beneficial tool. With this, you can adjust your risk per position and create an incredible risk management and money management plan that will meet your risk tolerance and trading goals. Risk management is one of the most important parts of trading, so this calculation is essential for trading success.

Spreadsheet Mastery Course

Not only will you get this spreadsheet. I see an extreme benefit in knowing how to calculate the formulas and functions that it takes to create a proper testing and trading spreadsheet. This skill makes it possible to further understand and to customize the spreadsheet you receive.
For this reason, you will also get a full extensive training course walking you through how to create a spreadsheet just like the one you receive. This extensive course will teach you everything from how to navigate through a spreadsheet, to how to input formulas and use all the functions necessary to calculate everything you need in a backtesting spreadsheet.
After completing the course, you will have no problem creating your own personalized testing and trading spreadsheet that is capable of keeping track of things like your avg. R/R, your wins, and losses, your total gain, your total drawdown and much more. You will also be able to create a customized risk management plan to meet your risk tolerance and trading goals.

50% Off for first  ̶1̶0̶0̶  3 spots left

Save some time...

Learning to create a spreadsheet that is capable of such calculations has proven to be an extremely time-consuming process. It took me over 2 years and hundreds of hours to learn how to create the formulas and functions necessary to build a useful trading spreadsheet.
This is mainly due to the lack of information online. When I was trying to figure all of this out, I looked for courses and could not find anything that was specifically meant to create a trading spreadsheet. For this reason, I had to find bits and pieces from other random excel courses and after hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars spent on courses, I finally had the necessary knowledge to create a proper trading spreadsheet.
I would like to save you all of that time. Instead of spending hundreds of hours trying to figure out how to do this on your own, or spending thousands of dollars on unnecessary courses, I would like to get you from A to B as fast as possible by teaching you step by step how to create a proper testing and trading spreadsheet. (Not to mention you get the entire spreadsheet for free, so you could just use it and not go through the course, although I do recommend looking through the course as well).
Click the button below to get your hands on my personal testing and trading spreadsheet and to improve your spreadsheet knowledge with the Spreadsheet Mastery Course!

50% Off for first  ̶1̶0̶0̶  3 spots left

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